28 - 29 August, 2018 | PARKROYAL Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW

Dr. Haydn Read

Head of Infrastructure Programs (DPO)
Auckland Council

9:50 AM CASE STUDY: Creating an AI powered Portal to Help Plan the Future Growth of Auckland City

Auckland is in a period of massive planned growth with 10,000 hectares of land up for development. Most of these infrastructure projects will span generations and have a long term impact on the city. The Auckland City Council have created an AI powered portal that visualizes big data in a human consumable format. In one area of the portals functionality, it’s algorithms cut the green space into sections and are able to calculate the cost of development over time and optimize long term forward liability and explore some pressing questions for all cities, for example, intergenerational equity.

  • Unlocking the Meta Data: Building partnerships with other council controlled authorities to create the lexicon for interoperability across assets and organisations
  • Enabling next generation interrogation and insights tools that can be shared across organisations that create more accurate predictions, that are integrated across sectors
  • Setting up big data visualization capabilities that allow it to be presented in a human consumable format

7:00 AM A Framework to Gain Access of Different Stakeholder Data and Improve the Effectiveness of AI Deployment

The success of AI deployment depends on the volume and depth of data powering it and usually proves to a limiting factor. The advantage that public sector organisations have over the private sector is the ability to share inter-departmental data. However you still need to do the leg work, getting the approvals, permission and support to access and consolidate whole-of-government data. This session will focus on the how-to using the Meta Data Standards Framework that the Chief Data Officer for the Auckland City Council has put together. This has enabled him to build a data lake using data of other local government bodies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the full impact of data consolidation on AI outcomes
  • Creating a Meta Data Standards framework
  • Applying to principle of starting small and winning big – the key to stakeholder buy-in
  • Discussing the concerns around data security and the implication on citizen

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